Our Hospital Heros


Our Hospital Staff need YOUR help

Your donation will support our hospital heroes in the fight against Covid-19 across Ireland

We are a group of Hospitals from across Ireland. We've joined forces at this time of great uncertainty for our country and we are asking you to support Our Hospital Heroes and to thank them for the amazing job that they are doing for our country.

Over the coming weeks and months they will treat large numbers of Covid-19 patients. Many of them may contract Covid-19 and become ill themselves as they care for our patients.

We need you to donate to ‘Our Hospital Heroes’ so that we can give them what they need to care for Covid-19 patients and other patients with life threatening conditions such as cancer and heart disease who also need to be cared for in these difficult times for everyone.

Funds raised will also help us to support the hospitals and enable them to provide essential comforts to staff as they work on the frontline and also to help the hospitals to invest in the things that they will need to meet the needs of their patients in the future.

It’s time to think with our heads as well as our hearts and to unite as one in the fight against Covid-19. Every little will help!

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